The Million Faces (EP) Coming July 2016

“If Ross’ music were wine, you wouldn’t read the label, you’d be enjoying the wine already. It’s really a fine wine.”

Deep in the misty hills of Northern California, Forgettable Ross blends folk, rock, blues, jazz and other styles from around the world into his stripped-down acoustic sound. There are groans and moans, screeches, whispers – a lone guitar sings like a chorus – the music is rich in its simplicity. The dynamic songs speak “a language the whole world knows.”

Ross’ debut EP, titled The Million Faces, comes out this July. The acoustic album bears all with a warm guitar and wide vocal range. The songs are honest – they are both deep and playful. The listener journeys with Ross through a wonderful world where familiar things take on new qualities.

The musical adventure with Forgettable Ross is already under way – no need to wait for “The Million Faces” in July! Go to or join up with Forgettable Ross on Facebook for weekly “song sketches,” updates, collaborations; all types of posts for your enjoyment. Ross loves to have a conversation – send him an email…